Technical University North Holland (Tu-NH)

Welcome on the website of the Technical University of North-Holland (“Tu-NH”), with as main pillars Entrepreneurship and Applied Sustainability.

The mission statement of the University is as follows:

“The accredited education of students in the field of Applied Sustainability and Entrepreneurship on the basis of Action Learning methodologies, full implementation of projects during education and is aimed at providing innovative capacity needed to drive a successful business. The University use the accrued equity for applied scientific research and development of new models and revenue models for businesses.”

Tu-NH will be one of the very few universities where students will undertake a ‘live’ project in an actual company or start a new ‘live’ venture. So, no playground but acting in the real economy and testing what has been learned academically in ‘live’ conditions.

Tu-NH will provide a kind of safety net on the legal matters, but students have to learn how to achieve success and also how to deal with adversity, delays, changed market conditions or changed government regulations. Skills as agility and adaptability, but also stamina and perseverance will prove to be important.

‘The University has the legal entity of a foundation which has the advantage that benefits from the surplus yield do not have to be given to shareholders. The surplus is used for further development of curricula, ensuring that the education is up to date and is based on the most recent developments in the field, and also for applied research and facilitation of students who wish to commercialize an idea.